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Triwave Solutions Joins Forces with Gov2Biz as Strategic Partner and Systems Integrator

Columbia, Maryland - April 15, 2024

Triwave Solutions is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Gov2Biz Inc. As a key member of the Gov2Biz Partner network. This collaboration recognizes Triwave Solutions as both a Strategic Partner and System Integrator for Gov2Biz, facilitating the delivery of Gov2Biz’s comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions to its clients.

What Does This Partnership Mean ?

As a Gov2Biz Strategic Partner, Triwave Solutions will have the opportunity to offer Gov2Biz’s suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to customers. These solutions cover a wide range of critical areas, including licensing, permitting, taxation, case management, and enforcement. Through the Systems Integrator role, Triwave will provide implementation services, ensuring seamless adoption and optimization of Gov2Biz solutions within government agencies. By integrating Gov2Biz’s technology into their portfolio, Triwave aims to enhance governance processes while reducing costs for state and local agencies.

A Perfect Alignment

Santhosh Lakshmanan, Head of Marketing, Gov2Biz, Said

“Partnering with companies like Triwave, Who have a proven track record of Software-related services, especially in the government sector, allows us to make our services more accessible to customers who need them”

Arumugam Muthu, President & CEO, Triwave Solutions Inc

“Our collaboration with Gov2Biz aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering excellence in government technology services. We are confident that this partnership will empower us to address our customers’ licensing and regulation needs using Gov2Biz’s state-of-the-art technology.”

“Through this collaboration, Gov2Biz is positioned to deliver unparalleled value and operational efficiency to government clients across a broader market. Together with Triwave Solutions, Gov2Biz is advancing innovation and effectiveness in the public sector, ensuring transformative outcomes and lasting impact.”

Gov2Biz's Expertise

Gov2Biz expertise lies in providing a comprehensive platform tailored to the unique needs of government agencies and business. The solutions streamline procurement processes, enhance vendor management, and facilitate efficient communication between public entities and private enterprises. Gov2Biz understand the complexity of regulatory compliance and leverage technology to ensure seamless transactions and compliance reporting. With Gov2Biz, organizations can optimise operations, foster collaboration, and achieve greater transparency and accountability in their interactions with government partners